Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Ultimate Weight Loss" Named Best Album of the Year

This past weekend I attended the 2009 Just Plain Folks International Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee. Over 1,400 people were in attendance. It was quite a spectacular and exciting event. JPF is the world’s largest independent music awards organization. They are the only awards organization to include self-help/meditation as a category.

Just Plain Folks is a community of over 51,500 Songwriters, Recording Artists, Music Publishers, Record Labels, Performing Arts Societies, Educational Institutions, Recording Studios and Engineers, Producers, Legal Professionals, Publicists and Journalists, Publications, Music Manufacturers and Retailers and about every other type of member of the Music Industry. These are the people who judged and voted on what they considered the best albums of the year.

My album, Dr. Walton’s Ultimate Weight Loss received the honor of “Best Self-help/Meditation Album of the Year.” It was quite exciting to be called up on stage. I have photos of the event on my fan page on Facebook. More photos will be posted as they become available.

I wanted to share with you the short acceptance speech I gave:

"I would like to thank Brian and JPF for making this amazing award possible. Thank you so much.

I’d also like to thank my friends and my family for traveling all the way to Nashville to be here with me tonight.

My album is on weight loss, however, it is not about judging the body you already have. It’s about loving that body in all its forms, heavy, skinny, and every other way just as it is right now.

It’s the only body you have and the only one you’ll ever have for the rest of your life. It will always be with you. Love it and respect it for what it is.

So, succeeding at weight loss is not as much about losing the weight you carry with you in your body as it is about feeling the lightness you can carry with you in your heart that makes all the difference in your life.

Thank you very much."

If you would like more information on Dr. James Walton, you can log onto his website at LAtherapist.com. If you would like more information on the international award-winning album “Ultimate Weight Loss,” you can log onto Ultimate Weight Loss. Press Release

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