Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Overcome Fear of the Dentist... Yes You Can!

Are you giving yourself negative thoughts, ideas, and words that are deterring you from going to the dentist?

Many people have a fear of the dentist and avoid dental appointments at all costs. Frequently, the cost is at the expense of their teeth and health.

Fear of the dentist is frequently about the fear of losing control. It can also be instigated by a particularly bad experience that may have happened at the dentist’s in the past. Anything associated with the dentist at the moment you were experiencing discomfort can become instantly associated with an anxious response.

Maybe it is the sound of the instruments; maybe it is the sight of the office, or even the sound of the doctor’s voice. If you’ve felt discomfort at the dentist’s office in the past there is a good chance you have created an association between the symbols of the dentist and anxiety. In any case, it feels like a loss of control and anytime we feel out of control we feel anxiety.

Understand that going to the dentist is actually about you gaining control. By taking care of your teeth, you are gaining control of your body, health and appearance. Seeing your dentist is definitely about you taking control of your life and situation.

I have created a free audio affirmation to help you overcome the thoughts and actions that have interfered with your ability to take care of your dental needs. This recording offers a quick way to align your consciousness with new attitudes and thoughts that will foster your confidence, lift your sense of calm, and take back the power that lies inherently within you.

This affirmation is here to serve you. It is designed to tap into the incredible strength of your mind to connect you to the power of your thoughts and build your sense of personal control.

Listening to this affirmation is an opportunity to train your unconscious mind with positive messages. It allows you to empower yourself with thoughts that support your sense of personal control and health.

Simply relax your body and mind with a few deep breaths and then follow the words on the audio, repeating them to yourself. It’s as easy as that.
Clicking on the audio link to access the page and you are on your way! Feeling Relaxed at the Dentist Audio Link.

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