Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting Anger under Control Is Easier Than You Might Think!

To get a better handle on your anger, reduce the things you think you need to have to things you want to have. We become angry when we convince ourselves that the things we really want are things we need. There are very few things we need in our lives. Those needs that we do have relate directly to our immediate survival. Our daily upsets almost never relate directly to our immediate survival.

To reduce anger, reduce the demand that something must be your way to a request. Reducing it from a demand to a request will help to reduce the anger that you feel. For example, exchange “I must always get my way,” with “It would be nice if I got my way.” Notice the change in your attitude and demeanor when you exchange “must” with “I would like.”

Try asking yourself if the angering situation is going to really matter 100 years from now. What is your answer? Then ask yourself if you would rather be right or happy. Sometimes we prefer to be right, but usually we prefer to be happy. These are two techniques for reducing the demand that things go your way.

Never attempt to settle an argument when you are angry. Walk away from the situation, sit down and cool off. Deal with the situation later when you are rational. Feel with your heart, but act from your head.

Dealing with a situation when your anger is out of control can only lead to disaster. Never punish children when you are angry. Walk away, calm down, and then deal with the child. Punishing a child when you are angry only teaches the child to distrust you and it damages their sense of safety with you. It also teaches that inappropriate acting out is OK for settling issues. I want to reiterate that acting out behavior is not OK for settling issues.

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